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So you want some gear? You want gear that lets you showcase yourself, the brands you align with, and you want it to look awesome? Welcome to INK by Black Sheep. Our custom apparel platform that creates beautiful design, without the BS.

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Let’s be honest! We want to make your gear for you. And we are not opposed to bribery to make that happen. We’ll swing you 10% OFF your first INK order to sweeten the deal. We also promise not to spam you.

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Blown Away!

Adam Gill. Bikestyle Tours.

BikeStyle Tours is the go-to provider for cycling tours to the world's biggest events. Celbrating the 100th Edition of the Giro d'Italia, we produced a beautiful, classical kit that was worn by over 100 guests on the roads of Italy. There were simply blown away by the quality, and how it looked. We would recommend INK to any group - big or small.


Easy As.

We keep things pretty simple round’ here.
You want good gear and you need it soon. We’ll design awesome gear and we’ll deliver it door to door. Plus, you’ll be out on the bike before you know it. That’s custom cycling apparel. No BS.


Get Your
Design Started

Our full flex, all out access to the minds and creativity of the garment design team. Think of Black Sheep Custom Apparel as your very own, very covetable, Black Sheep Limited Edition collection - treated with the same attention to detail as our own ranges.

A forgotten staple of cycling makes a return, with comfort and function to match. Welcome our Essential’s Women’s Bike Short. We're setting the stage for a rethink on what the cyclists wardrobe should and can be. And the first step in us realising a life without straps. At least for those that want it.
And you don’t have to give up your comfort or modesty for it.

Feel the Freedom.
Go Strapless.

Enginereed for Comfort.

Made to reduce pressure points. With a deep and supportive waist band and a cuff that moulds to the contours of the leg.

Designed for Real Life.

Versatility and functionality. Perfect for summer and practical when out on the bike for hours on end (or simply just going to the loo).

Love ya' Legs.

We've reduced pressure by using a deep elastic cuff. So it’s a strictly sausage-leg-free zone, thank you very much.

Soft and Durable.

Soft as a baby’s butt.

From the flat-locked seams, to the small-batch dyed fabric, comfort is top of mind. Add to that our refined High Performance Chamois by Greenlime™ and you’ve got a pair of shorts you won’t want to take off.

Deep & Supportive Waist band.

Bye-Bye Pressure Points.

The high waisted fit offers comfort, practicality and versatility to your ride.

No Pressure.

Sausage-Leg Free Zone.

Flattering, deep cuff. So it’s a strictly sausage-leg-free zone, thank you very much.

Untethered. Anything Goes.

We’ve done away with the straps. Some would say life-changing, perhaps. Untethered. Unrestrained. Anything goes. Here’s a few other ways you’ll get more out of a long day out on the bike.

Bike Fit.

Having a bike fit will not only keep you safe from injury, but you will be able to sort any discrepancies and imbalances that can lead to chafing that causes saddle sores. Getting a professional bike fit will make riding your bike infinitely more enjoyable and pain-free.

Saddle Selection.

Saddle selection is a fickle beast. Although brands are getting closer to identifying pressure mapping in conjunction with saddle pain, it does tend to be a trial and error journey. A good saddle will feel like it fits you like a glove, without feeling like you have to slide around to be comfortable.

Chamois After Care.

Caring for your chamois is caring for your undercarriage. Make sure to wash your shorts in cold water without harmful and abrasive detergent. Store them flat or hanging. And thank them for their services.