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So you want some gear? You want gear that lets you showcase yourself, the brands you align with, and you want it to look awesome? Welcome to INK by Black Sheep. Our custom apparel platform that creates beautiful design, without the BS.

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Let’s be honest! We want to make your gear for you. And we are not opposed to bribery to make that happen. We’ll swing you 10% OFF your first INK order to sweeten the deal. We also promise not to spam you.

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Adam Gill. Bikestyle Tours.

BikeStyle Tours is the go-to provider for cycling tours to the world's biggest events. Celbrating the 100th Edition of the Giro d'Italia, we produced a beautiful, classical kit that was worn by over 100 guests on the roads of Italy. There were simply blown away by the quality, and how it looked. We would recommend INK to any group - big or small.


Easy As.

We keep things pretty simple round’ here.
You want good gear and you need it soon. We’ll design awesome gear and we’ll deliver it door to door. Plus, you’ll be out on the bike before you know it. That’s custom cycling apparel. No BS.


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Our full flex, all out access to the minds and creativity of the garment design team. Think of Black Sheep Custom Apparel as your very own, very covetable, Black Sheep Limited Edition collection - treated with the same attention to detail as our own ranges.

There are a few things in life you should never skimp on. Toilet paper. Tattoos. Kitchen knives. And a cycling chamois. We’re raising the bar when it comes to your most important ass-et. Not being able to ride because of the pain in your butt is not tolerated at Black Sheep. No ifs, ands or butts about it. Our chamois will love your butt as much as we do.

Get to know our
Saddle Saavy Chamois.

Mens Womens

Let the wind blow.

The perforated backing retains breathability and flexibility of the pad. So you can say no to saddle sores. Bacteria. And chamois stank.

6 hours +

Our 120kg density foam is designed to retain its shape and increase ride comfort for long hours in the saddle.

Super soft

Our 3D cell top layer fabric increases surface area allowing for optimal comfort and moisture absorption.

Soft and Durable.

Soft as a baby’s butt.

The 3D Elastic Cell cover fabric is not only highly breathable, but luxuriously soft. It’ll also last much longer. The single piece construction means no pieces moving around over time. No sliding, chafing or aching. No bummers.

Perfect Geometry.

It's all in the thickness.

Not too thin. Not too thick. Just right. Our OG Essentials Chamois was loved for it's perfect thickness and geometry. We've kept the best bits, and added Foam Carving Technology. All adds to a more comfortable ride.

Foam Carving Technology.

Moulded to You.

Using Foam Carving Technology, our chamois’ are now one single layer of compression foam. This means optimal cushion in regions you need it, and less in regions you don’t. And now with no glue or inserts to block airflow.

Happy Butt. Happy Rider.

There’s more you can do than choose a good chamois to keep your rump happy. Here’s our top tips to help you keep pedaling on long rides without any pains in the arse.

Bike Fit.

A bike fit will help sort any imbalances that you have and that can potentially cause discomfort, or worse, injury. Getting a bike fit will make riding your bike infinitely more enjoyable and pain-free.

Saddle Selection.

Saddle selection is a fickle. It’s a bit of a trial and error journey. But, a good saddle will feel like it fits you like a glove, without feeling like you have to slide around to be comfortable.

Chamois After Care.

Caring for your chamois is caring for your undercarriage. Wash your bibs in cold water. Store them flat or hanging. And thank them for their services.