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So you want some gear? You want gear that lets you showcase yourself, the brands you align with, and you want it to look awesome? Welcome to INK by Black Sheep. Our custom apparel platform that creates beautiful design, without the BS.

How INK Works

Free Stuff

Let’s be honest! We want to make your gear for you. And we are not opposed to bribery to make that happen. We’ll swing you 10% OFF your first INK order to sweeten the deal. We also promise not to spam you.

Get 10% Off

Blown Away!

Adam Gill. Bikestyle Tours.

BikeStyle Tours is the go-to provider for cycling tours to the world's biggest events. Celbrating the 100th Edition of the Giro d'Italia, we produced a beautiful, classical kit that was worn by over 100 guests on the roads of Italy. There were simply blown away by the quality, and how it looked. We would recommend INK to any group - big or small.


Easy As.

We keep things pretty simple round’ here.
You want good gear and you need it soon. We’ll design awesome gear and we’ll deliver it door to door. Plus, you’ll be out on the bike before you know it. That’s custom cycling apparel. No BS.


Get Your
Design Started

Our full flex, all out access to the minds and creativity of the garment design team. Think of Black Sheep Custom Apparel as your very own, very covetable, Black Sheep Limited Edition collection - treated with the same attention to detail as our own ranges.

Score up to 70% OFF our latest and greatest.

The Sample Sale has become a brand to itself. A massive moment on our calendar. A blink-and-you'll-miss-it chance to grab something up to 70% OFF. This is our latest and greatest (far more than just samples).

First things first. The 2023 Sample Sale begins 12pm AEST (Brisbane time), January 27.


What is the Sample Sale?

The Sample Sale was started about 4 years ago as our biggest sale of the year. Typically held on New Years Day, we bribed everyone to dust themselves off and grab a bargain. We are being really adventorous this year and holding it on the 27th January, because, well, we didn't want to wake up early on Jan 1.

Are they all just Samples?

No - it's actually got nothing to do with Samples. It's brand new, in range product. We just got stuck with a name and Hannah from Marketing won't let us change it.

What discounts do I get?

It's in shiny lights just below the page title. But if that wasn't obvious enough for you, I am guessing a drop-down box should get the message across. Lol. It's up to 70% OFF our favourites and latest stuff.

Is this all your old stuff?

No. This is current stuff, last year stuff, PC (pre-covid stuff). Pretty much everything.


What is a site Black Out?

On Thursday, January 26 at 7pm AEST the website will be having a "Black Out". Don't worry - we are still here! We are just setting up for the sale. It also stops people filling their carts before we go live.

What can I do to prepare?

We recommend jumping onto the site and having a look through everything and seeing what interests you. Then, Find Your Size (if you are a new customer). Hot-tip, order one size bigger if you are unsure. And then, pray (or whatever you choose to do to find an extra-something).

Can I get sneaky early access?

To be the first in the know about the sale, sign up to our mailining list here.

And to see our special offer announcements, follow us on instagram

It's 12pm and the Sale hasn't started?

It's likely that it's not 12pm AEST (Brisbane time). Please don't try and give us a definition of AEST (Australian Eastern Standard TIme). We don't make it up - the deep state does. Pro-tip. Don't confuse it with AEDT (Australian Easter Daylight Time) - which is what our friends in Sydney and Melbourne observe in Summer.


Can I use another discount code to get an even bigger discount?

Nice try, mate. No further discounts or codes are applicable during the Sample Sale. Just be comforted by the fact that you'll never get it this good, anywhere, at any other time. There are probably tissues out the back if you still are upset.

The garment I want is out of stock?!

Seems like a statement more than a question. Unfortuantely, if it's sold out - we won't be getting any more in for the sale. We don't do many of these sales and we are actively in the process of doing less. If something is in Essentials, Racing or WMN - then there is a high chance it will be restocked. So make sure you sign up for notifications.

I can’t log into my account?

Don't panic. Place your order as normal, with your correct details (Name, email, address, etc). And then give us a buzz, via email, after the sale and we can get it added to your account.

I’ve entered the wrong email address?

We understand that when you're rushing to fill your basket with a ton of Black Sheep goodies, mistakes happen, and you may have entered the wrong email address. Just contact Customer Support if this is the case. Once you have placed an order, if you have been re-directed to the order confirmation screen, rest-assured, we have received your purchase and we're getting it ready.

My order’s been cancelled during the payment process?

If your order has been cancelled or suspected fraudulent, don’t panic! This is an automated process when our payment security system detects that something is wrong. It may be that the billing address that you have entered does not match the card you are using, or that the CSV doesn’t match. If your order is cancelled, first check your card details are correct and then get in touch with our Customer Support Team.

They’re pretty ace and have the ability to look further into the reasoning behind your order cancellation, to prevent it happening again!

I’ve buggered up my order, can I change or cancel it?

Unfortunately, once an order has been placed it cannot be changed or cancelled. Once you receive your order you may return any items that are not marked final sale. Take a look at our full returns policy here.


My friend has their order, where is mine?

If someone you know placed their order after you, but received their package first, never fear. Our warehouse dispatch team batches orders chronologically, but also according to product types. This helps streamline the dispatch process. Rest assured, your order is on it’s way, just keep your eye on your inbox.

I am missing some items in my order. Help!

Due to stock availability within our warehouses, your order may be dispatched in separate packages. Do not worry. You will receive an email from our Customer Support Team to notify you, if this is the case.

Can I return some items from the sale?

Please choose wisely. As styles usually sell out, in the instance of an exchange we are unfortunately unable to guarantee that your required size will be available post sale. In the event that your replacement size is unavailable, you will be offered a store credit minus any shipping fees (original and return).

When will shipping occur?

Dispatch of orders will take place throughout the sale with an express service. Orders during the Sample Sale are typically dispatched within 24 to 72 hours, however, please allow up to 5-7 business days.

To ensure we can handle your enquiry as quickly as possible, please email our Customer Support team only once, including your name and order number in the subject line. When you send more than one email this unfortunately moves your initial enquiry to the back of the customer service queue. Trapping you in the never-ending vortex of the Sample Sale Customer Service Bermuda Triangle.


Begins January 27. 12pm AEST.