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So you want some gear? You want gear that lets you showcase yourself, the brands you align with, and you want it to look awesome? Welcome to INK by Black Sheep. Our custom apparel platform that creates beautiful design, without the BS.

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Let’s be honest! We want to make your gear for you. And we are not opposed to bribery to make that happen. We’ll swing you 10% OFF your first INK order to sweeten the deal. We also promise not to spam you.

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Adam Gill. Bikestyle Tours.

BikeStyle Tours is the go-to provider for cycling tours to the world's biggest events. Celbrating the 100th Edition of the Giro d'Italia, we produced a beautiful, classical kit that was worn by over 100 guests on the roads of Italy. There were simply blown away by the quality, and how it looked. We would recommend INK to any group - big or small.


Easy As.

We keep things pretty simple round’ here.
You want good gear and you need it soon. We’ll design awesome gear and we’ll deliver it door to door. Plus, you’ll be out on the bike before you know it. That’s custom cycling apparel. No BS.


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Our full flex, all out access to the minds and creativity of the garment design team. Think of Black Sheep Custom Apparel as your very own, very covetable, Black Sheep Limited Edition collection - treated with the same attention to detail as our own ranges.

Black Sheep’s support of InForm Racing emphasises our commitment to providing riders with a positive and stable environment in which to grow and evolve as riders and individuals – be they male or female. In 2022, InForm will be increasing their team budget by 100 percent, launching a women’s team for the first time since they were established in 2014, with an equal split between men and women.

What started as a few mates racing crits in Melbourne, is now one Australia’s premier domestic cycling teams. Luke Plapp graduated from racing with Inform to a neo-pro position at INEOS Grenadiers for 2022. The team also boasts the expertise of Australian cycling personality Pat Lane and a name familiar to anyone with a passing interest in cycling, Simon Gerrans, who is utilising the experience of his 14-year professional cycling career to aid the development of the team and its next generation riders.